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Fall/Winter 2006-2007 / Issue #8

L. Ward Abel, USA
For Marie, Having Crossed the Border

Sandra Ervin Adams, USA
Dinner at 4PM

Richard Baldasty, USA
That Day

Lorraine Caputo, South America
Far from Home

Christine Ann Clatworthy, England
KUROI AME (Black Rain)

Doug Draime, USA
The Scream of Southeast Asia

Maureen Tolman Flannery, USA

Lee Keylock, USA
That He Could do Something as Intimate
as Die and not Share that Moment with Her

Sean Lause, USA

Josef Lesser, Australia
love and war

Joanne Lowery, USA
Rape and Pillage, 1855

Trey Palmisano, USA
The Real Tragedy of War

Tony Reevy, USA
A Trooper Revisits Chankpe-opi Wakpala

Deborah Rey, France
Free the Soul mit Arbeit

Sharon Scholl, USA
Duty Assignment

Jessica Thompson, USA

Bob Mustin, USA
But for Grace

Theresa Schimmel, USA
The Vigil by the Window

Darren Swift, South Wales, UK
Making it Home

John Sibley Williams, USA

Margaret A. Frey, USA
Sounds from a September Morning

John Q. Mcdonald, USA
Fragments of Metal and Memory

Madeleine Mysko, USA
Sweet and Becoming

Shelley Seale, USA
Passage to India


JoAnn C. Arosemena, age 14, Republic of Panama
Grenade and Butterfly, on the Past Editions page during the fall/winter 06/07 edition

Peter Ciccariello, USA
The War of Authorship, on the Submissions page during the fall/winter 06/07 edition

Lucas Draper, USA
Peace, on the Fall/Winter 06/07 index page

Ira Joel Haber, USA
Three Houses on Fire, on the Literary Links page during the fall/winter 06/07 edition
To see more of Mr. Haber's work, go here.

Cynthia Reynolds, USA
Out of the Tempest, on the Humanitarian Sites page during the fall/winter 06/07 edition

With thanks to Lucas Draper of Orlando, Florida, for his art entitled Peace that appears on this page.
Mr. Draper is a photographer and writer.
He plans to spend the rest of his life traveling and collecting his experiences in his writings and photography.

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