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Spring 2007 Edition
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Spring 2007 / Issue #9


Marguerite Bouvard, USA
The Shape of Light

Jeff Calhoun, USA
A New Genocide For When The Others Get Old

Street Soldiers

Howard Good, USA
Schoolyard Blues

John Kay, Germany
Dropped into the Ether Sky

Paul Sohar, USA
WWIII Memorial

Russell Streur, USA
Russian Sky -- The Bombings of Flights 1047 and 1303...

Tom (WordWulf) SternerHowe, USA
When This Is Over

Wesley Teal, USA
In Memory of the Christmas Truce

Jon Wesick, USA
The Despair of the Trees

Sondra Zeidenstein, USA


Doreen Perrine, USA
Dear Friend of Souls

Jason Rizos, USA
The Man Who Became as Twilight

Joseph Thayer

Leonore Wilson, USA
The Pilot


Elizabeth Moser, USA
Reaching Out: September 2001

Iris Rozencwajg, USA
Busman's Holiday

Jeff Tannen, USA
Breaking Character


Shakeh Sarookhanian, Iran
War Orphans - on the Spring 2007 Edition page

Peter Schwartz, USA
Annihilation of Self - on the front page of the spring 2007 edition and the artist's page



Sharon Carter, USA
Museum Hiroshima, on the Submissions page during the spring 2007 edition

Annie Dawid, USA
Skull Flowers, on the Humanitarian Sites page during the spring 2007 edition

With thanks to Shakeh Sarookhanian of Iran for her artwork on this page entitled War Orphans. Shakeh obtained an MFA (with a focus on painting) from Iran's Azad University. Her final thesis centered around paintings that reflected a culture of peace. The same year "2000" was named The International Year for the Culture of Peace by Unicef, and her work was chosen as the best at the University. She enjoys working with oils, pastels and mixed media. She teaches painting, and has participated in group exhibitions in Iran's art galleries.

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