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Raving Dove's Summer 2008 Edition
Summer 2008 - Fourth Anniversary
Issue #13

Margaret Hammitt-McDonald, USA
Children and Fire

I.E. Lester, England
The Original Ghetto (historical nonfiction)

Corinne Loveland, USA
Aunt Gail

Joshua Lee Painter, Iraq (Texas)
Haunting Dreams

Willie K. Everhart, USA
Shag's Flag

Howard Good, USA
At the Bureau of Missing Soldiers

Terry Hertzler, USA
Shucking Corn (prose poetry)

Bob Malone, USA
Allahu Akbar (prose poetry)

John N. Miller, USA
"SAVE THE BATTLEFIELDS": Ohio Bumper Sticker

Marion St. Onge, USA
Leaving Sarajevo

Jenny Williams, Belize
The Quiet

Diana Woodcock, Doha, Qatar
For Lhasa

Dawn Corrigan, USA
Why We Should Join the Intergalactic Zoom Ball League

Gary Cuba, USA
Little Angel

Sam Douglas, USA
Across the Trail

Tovli "Linnie" Simiryan, USA

Christopher Woods, USA
The Road Dream - on this page

Christopher Woods' photographs have appeared or are forthcoming in Clapboard House, Sein Und Werden, Perigee, Verdad, The Sylvan Echo, Sunken Lines, Numinous Spiritual Poetry, Cell 2 Soul, Newport Review, Birmingham Arts Journal, And Ken*Again. He has also published a prose collection, Under a Riverbed Sky, and a collection of stage monologues for actors, Heart Speak. He resides in Texas, and his photography is available for purchase. He can be reached by sending an e-mail to Raving Dove's editor.

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