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Raving Dove Online Literary Journal Summer 2009
Issue No. 16


Louis Gallo, USA

Ruth Goring, USA

Paul Hellweg, USA
Casualty Notification

Brenda Hodges, USA any other name

Burgess Stanley Needle, USA
Questions We Ask Ourselves

Amy Jay Schoenwald, USA
15th & S. Van Ness

Joan Steffens, USA
The Re-write

Diana Woodcock, Qatar
As Sandhill Cranes Were Returning


Joanne Hedou, USA
Sending Rocks Back From Whence They Came

R.A. Keenan, USA
Section 2a Site 6198
with picture

Tovli Simiryan, USA
The Pieces of Ester


Tai Dong Huai, USA
Looking American

Ella Peters, Canada
Fat Girl Slim

ISSN 1941-0441

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