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Against a backdrop of thousands of poetry magazines tinged with the grey of mediocrity, Raving Dove blooms. With superb literary acumen, Editor Moss immerses the reader in the raw passion of deep social engagement. You cannot read the beautiful, trenchant pieces without feeling that at least someone is acutely alert and urgently concerned about our world; and you cannot help but feel a little less alone and a lot more motivated.
—Chris Crittenden, Maine
Ph.D., ethics

Raving Dove delivers not only great writing, but writing around the idea that we can live in a world based on peace, dignity, and mutual respect. Raving Dove has been a priceless resource for me as a writer and a reader, but most importantly it is a voice for peace in a world where the odds are stacked up against us. I am a proud reader and contributor.
—Joseph Thayer, New Jersey

RAVING DOVE provides a place for essential voices. The voices are essential because they speak to us about truths that we might prefer to avoid but can only do so at great risk to ourselves and our planet—truths about power and oppression and state violence. At a time when serious journalism has become increasingly marginalized, RAVING DOVE is increasingly important.

—Howie Good, Ph.D.
Professor, Communication and Media Department
SUNY New Paltz – New Paltz, New York

Some very important things need to be expressed about our ultimate social destiny, whether rendered as hoarse, passionate shouts or with small, quiet voices. Raving Dove is a venue where those expressions come through with exquisite clarity. If there exist a few angels above who are concerned with how mankind can extract itself from its self-destructive, violent tendencies, I'm convinced they are tuned in to what is said here.
—Gary Cuba – Eastover, South Carolina

In a time when war has once again taken a backseat, Raving Dove continues to be an outstanding leader in reminding us that we must stand for social awareness and peace. We will always be a bellicose and unstable society as long as we remain apathetic to the plight of those who live in dire circumstances. We live in a nation that symbolizes consumerism and sensationalism. Raving Dove reminds us there is great work to be done. We need this wonderful magazine to help us better survive as individuals and as a whole.
—Leonore Wilson – Nappa Valley, California

I'm an art editor for two different online journals and have been involved with many others in the past. I have love for every single person who devotes his/her time to the sometimes thankless job of collecting, sharing, and promoting art and literature. That being said, I have seen many journals get lost in the politics of it all. So when a journal like Raving Dove comes along, one with a specific purpose, in this case furthering the causes of peace, social justice and open mindedness, I think it's very important that we as a community embrace them and share every available resource at our disposal with their editors and organizers.
—Peter Schwartz – Augusta, Maine

I am honored that my story, which confronts the war in Iraq as an attack on innocent people, found a home on Raving Dove. Raving Dove is an inspired voice of and for peace.
—Doreen Perrine – Catskill, New York

To me, Raving Dove symbolizes all the desirable things in this world: human rights, social justice, opposition to violence, war, discrimination and bigotry of all kinds, and is, therefore, an essential voice on the Internet. In addition, the publication is a blessing to writers like myself whose work seeks to be read. My poem, "Dinner at 4 PM," appeared in the October 2006 issue.
—Sandra Ervin Adams – Jacksonville, North Carolina

The title of this publication says it all, which is what attracted me in the first place. Raving Dove was born out of frustration with the political scene and the direction the United states was going at the time it hit the press. This publication stood out because it wasn't afraid to stand up, much like underground publications during the Vietnam War era. Raving Dove, however, had no intention of being underground. It wanted to fly high and be heard, and it did. People were speaking out but not many publications were, for whatever reason. Raving Dove stood on the very platform this country was founded on and was never afraid to say its piece (peace). As both a writer and a fan, I respect that. Jo-Ann Moss should be commended for her great work and for making her vision a reality for all of us.
—Howard Camner – Miami, Florida
Nominated for poet laureate of Florida, U.S. rep for the Poet 2000 Sculpted Library

RAVING DOVE is one of the most sophisticated, professional and accessible journals of cyberspace. It puts many print journals to shame. Viva Raving Dove.
—Lou Gallo – Radford, Virginia
Radford University

I strongly believe that helping to end all war is the most important purpose of my life. I am not so naive as to believe that one individual can put an end to all violence, but adding my voice to those who speak out against war helps to give my existence a sense of purpose and meaning. By providing an outlet for my voice and those of like-minded temperament, "Raving Dove" is helping to give myself and others a sense of hope and fulfillment.
—Paul Hellweg

Raving Dove is a unique online quarterly with a beautifully formatted Web page consistently highlighting terrific writing from around the world that champions all forms of human rights. ... It is a powerful vehicle for social justice that creatively presents itself within a tapestry of fine literature.
—Burgess Stanley Needle
Educator and poet: Tucson, Arizona

As an avid reader of poetry, I have found the works in Raving Dove to be brilliant. I look forward to each issue of Raving Dove. This online magazine speaks for great writing and the ideal of peace.
—Dixie J-Elder – Longmont, Colorado

Raving Dove provides a public outlet for much-needed, socially-relevant verse and fiction that would not find other outlets in academic and glossy journals.
—Gregg Mosson – Baltimore, Maryland
Editor, Poems Against War: A Journal

RAVING DOVE is the most special of journals. Tasteful, thoughtful, and with a sense of the world on its shoulders. The work published by Jo-Ann Moss addresses our world and its problems in so many unforgettable ways. So good to know about such a rich, uplifting journal. May it last a thousand years.
—Christopher Woods – Houston, Texas

Raving Dove makes a much needed contribution to the literary community, and exposes and introduces us to new voices, fresh points of view, and relevant social commentary.
—Brenda Hodges – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Raving Dove is a rarity. With an eye toward world peace and international understanding, it is able to entertain, educate, and enlighten. Of all my publications, there is none I am more proud of.
—Tai Dong Huai, Connecticut

As a reader of and contributor to Raving Dove I feel qualified to testify to the important role this online publication plays in the cultural life of our world. That role goes well beyond literature and redeeming social value; Raving Dove aspires to be the conscience of society and I think it succeeds.
—Paul Sohar – Warren, New Jersey

Raving Dove has provided a critical literary venue over the last few years for dissent from prevailing ideologies and/or customs, here in North America and around the world. It is unlike other venues in that, within its pages, artistic expression of a high order is united with ideas. In hindsight, this venue is one that must not only be cherished but strengthened.
—Aparna Sanyal – Montreal, Canada

There are few venues for the unknown writer and even fewer for thoughtful, intelligent, socially aware/active readers. Kudos to Raving Dove for providing us with both.
—Jason Blanco – New York, New York

Jo-Ann Moss and Raving Dove have given voices from the other side (mine included) the chance to speak their opinion, to be heard. A champion of human rights and world peace, the faithful and diligent efforts of this woman should not and will not go unnoticed. Her work and dedication to Raving Dove is ultimately a labor of love exhibited thoroughly and continually. Take a look; it'll do you good.
—Tom (WordWulf) Sterner – Redding, California

The works published in this online gem are easy to read, seldom exceed a thousand words and are to the point. No avant-garde baggage weighs them down, gets in the way of what the author wishes to express. Without fail, a smile, a nod, sometimes a sigh, will reward the reader for his or her effort.
—Robert A. Keenan – Haverstraw, New York

Raving Dove showcases some of the best poets around. It's relevant and international—one of the few publications I make sure I read, each and every issue.
—Martin Ott – Los Angeles, California
Formerly a Russian linguist and military interrogator; currently a writer and editor in Los Angeles.

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